UI Design

Designing the UI and the logic flow of EasyPay ATMs

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Scope Of Work

EasyPay was founded in 2006 and is a partner of the online payment system ePay.bg. Today the company has 3407 offices across the country and our network is constantly growing.

EasyPay allows you to pay all your bills in one place as quickly and as efficiently as possible. The offer over 100 services, including:

  • payment of utility bills, taxes and fines
  • payments on instalment loans, insurance payments
  • purchase of vignettes or tickets to cultural and sporting events.
  • You can also send and receive money transfers within the country and abroad, etc.

Easy Pay Cards and ATMs

Since mid-2020 EasyPay also provides customers with an EasyPay payment card. The card can be issued immediately, completely free of charge. There are no annual fees or hidden costs. The card allows you to check your account balance and transactions in Viber, as well as to pay your utility bills remotely through Viber.

Scope - UX

We were tasked with formalising the flows with all main ATM tasks such as money withdrawal, deposit, etc.

EasyPay ATM Wireframe Map

Scope - UI

We then proceeded and created UI layouts to cover all flows, error states, and supporting illustrations/pictograms/animations to provide feedback to ATM users.

EasyPay UI Layouts
Gallery 01 photo.
Gallery 01 photo.Gallery 01 photo.
Gallery 02 photo.
Gallery 02 photo.Gallery 02 photo.
Gallery 02 photo.Gallery 02 photo.Gallery 02 photo.

Conclusion & Results

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